+B Illustrated Stickman

+Black Illustrated Stickman is a short series of illustrations, commissioned at the start up of this blog, to represent, with a generous splash of humour, +Black women as imagined and created by the hugely talented Hannah Ensor of Stickman Communications, based on images and writings from the +Black blog.

The initial series of illustrations is now complete – maybe to be expanded at some future date.

I hope you love them as much as I do.  Enjoy.

Be Inspired by Hannah Ensor

‘Be inspired’ is our introductory illustration. It expresses the ethos of:

About +Black

which is further developed in:

Be Inspired by Style for Changing Lives at Plus Black


Bling at Plus Black Blog

Illustration 8 (above): ‘Bling’ is inspired by

Shourouk Iridescence

and featured on:

Accessorising …


Marios Dress by Hannah Ensor

Illustration 7 (above): ‘Enduring Style’ is inspired by

Marios Schwab Dress

and featured on:

Enduring Style …


Stickman Funky Headgear

Illustration 6 (above): ‘Extravagant Headgear’ is inspired by

Seasonal Dissonance: Tennis, Hats, Winter?

and featured on:

Refreshing Sites …


Spider Hat

Illustration 5 (above): ‘Spider Hat’ is inspired from an illustration in:

 A Magazine …

and featured on:

Anna Scholz Sale


Grown-up Lives

Illustration 4 (above): ‘Grown-up Lives’ is inspired by

 Winser London …

and featured on:

Social Enterprise, Grown-up Lives


HE FD Purple Hat

Illustration 3 (above): ‘Freedom To Love’ is inspired by

 Another Beautiful Hat …

and posted under:

Lovin’ Really Useful Shopping?


Warm Winter Fuzzies

Illustration 2 (above): Fuzzies is based on

 More hats, wraps and booties …

Read more about the illustrations and Plus Black here:

+Black Illustrated


Meant for MeIllustration 1 (above): ‘Meant for each other’ is inspired by

 Love these felt slippers

and posted under:

Slippers and shoes ‘Meant for Me?’


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