Marios Dress by Hannah Ensor

Inspiration strikes from anywhere, anytime – sometimes in thunderbolts, other times, it sneaks up on you, quiet and unexpected.

Not always practical nor necessarily relevant but what’s not to love about the things that rock your world, life and mind?  Unexpected.  Interesting.  Exhilarating.

In Inspirational Designers we feature those who have made us gasp, laugh, weep and admire their creativity, originality, eye for design as well as re-think how we look, what we like and aspire to be.

Inspirational Women are those we admire for a myriad of reasons that are all relevant to the ethos and existence of the +Black Blog and those who might be interested in following us.

+Black Inspiration for the wild, weird, stunningly beautiful.

Experience, enjoy and enrich us all by contributing your own inspiration back at us.

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