Stiletto Wheels
Stiletto Wheels
Hi, I’m Elle from Stiletto Wheels where I write about my lifestyle change from busy and ambitious finance professional in stiletto heels to that of wheelchair user on [metaphorical] stiletto wheels with tears, tantrums and laughter along the way.

Used to the all-encompassing nature of severe ill-health, I need more than ever a space to relax, have fun and focus on the beauty and fabulousness of living the very best life that I am capable of and I’ve created this, Plus Black (+Black), blog to be that space.

Plus Black is my lifestyle forum. A place of delightful and inspiring impulses, exploring ideas and interests which I hope will be of appeal to others, like me: women who get that it’s normal for unexpected things to happen in life, some of them not pleasant. Women who understand that life is there to be lived well, whatever the darkness of circumstance and with as much style as is possible.  Women who may, like me, be plus-size – it’s the medications and paralysis, honestly – and who find the wearing of, and living in, black to be the perfect backdrop for the coloratura of a ‘sparkling’ mind.

The late Sonia Rykiel who had Parkinson’s Disease for many years said in her book:

My own style has not changed in 40 years, no matter how tired or ill I feel. I try to wear dark green, dark brown, dark navy, but I prefer black. I hate wasting time getting dressed. I like to put something on and just think: “Yes. That’s it.” When I’m tired I like to dress very simply…

That’s making a choice and living: Life, Plus Black.

I am passionate about sharing information on adding quality to life, in both a cerebral and practical manner. A fabulous mind, personal style and an interesting life seem to me to be essential in providing the self-assurance that enables us to cope with events when our lives, and our lifestyle, are changing about us.

If you have ideas and information that might inspire and enable grown-up women to transition life change with confidence and laughter, I’d love to hear from you.

Use any of the social media options on the blog, follow the +Black blog for updates or pass comment on any of the issues raised  within individual posts. I’d love to hear any feedback you’d like to give.

Thank you and best wishes, Elle.


  1. Anne Rowe

    Hello, my name is Anne Rowe, and I am intrigued by your blog, especially as I identify so much with the trials and tribulations of all that life throws at you.

    My story involved breaking my back some years ago…but from that I gained new life in forming my current business…Walkers of Pottergate….which if you google my website, you will see that my niche within the Fashion World is for ladies who live life to the fullest, dressing in an individual way. Twenty two years on, and I am still being told that I am transforming lives, just by offering different clothes.

    I was Oskas first stockist in the UK, and in the intervening years have stocked all the sizes including much of the sought after plus collection. However, after this Autumn Collection, we are giving up the collection, to move to pastures new…there is nothing wrong with it, just that we have done it for too long!

    Because I am an extremely oversized girl myself…i make a definite and concious effort to bring the best clothes for my bigger ladies. I list this selection under ‘nice big things’….the selection has gotten smaller now, as we are well into this season, but come the Spring Arrivals it will burst into life again!

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email…best regards, Anne

    1. Elle@plusblack

      Hello, Anne

      Thank you very much for your interest. You may not remember but we have briefly touched base when you were kind enough to comment on my personal blog, http://stilettowheels.co.uk.

      In the past few years, I have continued to struggle with finding well designed, good quality casual wear in my size, capable of withstanding the tug&tumble of life with a neurologically paralysed body in a wheelchair. This has made me something of an expert online shopper and, at the moment, I spend a lot of time on my blog promoting sites I’ve seen and products I love. You may not have delved so far back but I have already featured Walkers of Pottergate in my recommendations and on my places to shop list on the +Black blog: https://blog.plusblack.co.uk/2012/10/18/walkers-of-pottergate-for-asymetric-lines-and-creative-styling/

      I regularly look at your site and am sure I will continue to do so along with others who enjoy the individual style you reliably present and provide.

      Exhausted by the effort involved in looking for what I need, I am contemplating an online retail venture based on the well-established refrain of “I cannot be the only person that needs …”

      For me, it all hinges around the day to day where I do not wish to spend over £150 per item and see items fall apart under the strain; I need things that have some give and that do not fall apart when pulled and tugged or washed; I spend days at hospitals, surgeries, at home, seated all the while, so I need things that can be pulled up/down, on/off, don’t make me sweat and don’t show the blood and grime of medical processes; neurological problems causing dexterity issues mean I hate fussy, fiddly bits, awkward fastenings; drugs make me swell so I need forgiving styles … and I have no confidence or comfort in my body … I only want black – summer, spring, autumn, winter & my word, how hard it is to find.

      I think there are others like me – wanting to look good but casual as they go to hospitals, residential homes, doctors, struggle with weight, changing shapes and illnesses. Just trying to help themselves and others through life changes that are both difficult and yet, remarkably common. Finding evening clothes, special occasion clothes is not a problem – for these, you can spend more, compromise a bit – it’s the wear every day, chuck them in a washing machine clothes that are so hard to find. If you spend 90% of your time in casual daywear, you want that to express you & your style aesthetic as well as being fit for purpose.

      My Holy Grail is black, cotton, beautiful and individual style at about £80-120 per item, size: er, I hate to say but large (I like reading dimensions and length rather than standard sizes because I’m not a standard size), length 28-32 inches.

      I may have found a designer so, please, watch this space and wish me luck. Thank you again for your interest and I wish you and Walkers of Pottergate well.

      All the best,


  2. Spashionista

    Elle, you know how much I enjoy reading your blog, so I have chosen to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award. If you’d like to participate, check out my latest blog post.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

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