Floor Story Rugs: Flow

Interiors: FLOOR_STORY Rugs

Making decisions about interior purchases can be a little mind-blowing, don’t you think?

The colour, the style, the cost – choices often mind-boggling in themselves. Is it on trend … too on trend … Do I care about trends? Will I get fed up with it? Will it fit?

Too few times, we say: It’s a no-brainer: I love it. It’s just right. Yay, I can afford it.

So many more times, we’ve dithered then made a ‘temporary’ Interiors purchase for the ‘short-term’ – the, almost always regrettable, it-will-do decision – then held onto the unloved purchase for, sometimes, ridiculous numbers of years.

In 2001, deciding we couldn’t afford an expensive Christine Van Der Hurd rug at that moment, we bought a £250 Habitat rug for a year, ‘maximum’. It is now nestling in a skip outside my front door – eighteen years later!

This is just one example of a common interiors mis-step whereby we sacrificed years of enjoyment to the pragmatic quick fix. If you do this too many times, over the years, you end up living in a home that optimises function over beauty.

It may be very nice and you may be very comfortable in it but, without beauty, it will never make your heart sing.

And who wouldn’t want a singing ❣

So, for 2019’s renovation project, we are bearing in mind this well-known William Morris quote:

William Morris quote on useful or beautiful

And, we’ve been looking around for more beautiful rugs.

Lo, we found some. See below, a few of my favourite rugs from FLOOR_STORY who are (self-proclaimed):

… east London’s friendliest rug dealer and known for our bold approach to rug design. Through the championing of young design talent and collaborations with established stars, we’ve built a unique and sometimes left field collection of beautifully made rugs. Standing alongside discoveries made on our regular trips as well as a series of in-house designs, at FLOOR_STORY you’ll find rugs that celebrate diversity and creativity. 

My aesthetic tastes incline to the abstract and my colour palette feeds on greens, greys, yellows and blacks but there are so many designs and colours to choose from as well as textures, sizes and shapes, you should really go across and check them out yourself, if you might be interested.

And, If you were dithering about the size of your rug, as I have done (a lot). try reading this from Kate Watson-Smythe at Mad About The House: How Big should a rug be?

I’m not saying Kate will give you an exact answer but she may help you think more constructively about how you would like your floor space to look.

Ok, claps hands, my singing is done for today, back to work. 🎶🎵

For beautiful rugs, click : FLOOR_STORY

Floor Story Rugs: Yasmin by Kent and London
Floor_Story Rugs: Yasmin by Kent and London
Floor Story Rugs: Fading World -GENERATION- Mango Brown 8637
Floor_Story Rugs: Fading World -GENERATION- Mango Brown 8637
Floor Story Rugs: Amalga
Floor_Story Rugs: Amalga
Floor Story Rugs: Synthesis
Floor_Story Rugs: Synthesis
Floor Story Rugs: Flow
Floor_Story Rugs: Flow

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