Anna Scholz Sale

Spider Hat

Quick heads-up to say that Anna Scholz – big bold plus size designs – have reduced their entire stock by lots of £££ in a last summer push to entice you.

With the psycho babble in my head re being overweight, medication, body dissonance et al., Anna Scholz’ prints are just way too out there for me but most of you will not, I hope, share my colour/print negativity.  I did notice that a lot of the larger sizes (UK sizes 26, 28) remain available and there is a good mix of white and black label items (in the main differentiated by silk/£££ and polyester/££, it seems).  Go across and take a look because, if you’ve visited before and liked the AS range, it’s a great opportunity to try at a much lower price point than usual – one of the few good reasons for buying in a sale to my mind.

Don’t you just love the Stickman illustration above?   Thought it fit right in here for those of us wondering exactly what styles do work for us … A few Anna Scholz items below to whet your AS appetite:

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