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Rose I by Nick Knight, 2012
Rose I by Nick Knight, 2012

I am a magazine junkie, always have been, probably because reading them is a great way to pick up early on indicators of zeitgeist change, even in the digital age where they also provide a forum of interest to springboard away from.  I am always refreshed and inspired by the new so dipping into them is like choosing delectable nibbles from a box of chocolates.  A yummy treat.

Unexpectedly (to me), I have adapted well to online viewing of my favourite magazines and I love the smorgasbord of creative energy to be found in so many of the dynamic online hubs which will, I think, replace the traditional magazine format … if they haven’t already.

In the main, I stick mostly to fashion, style, design and home interiors with a little foodie-fun on the side for my light reading.  However, as with books, I remain in favour of hard copy for my artistic fix.

This month, D bought me a magazine curated by stephen jones from Selfridges though, I imagine, it can be sourced from other places.  Not cheap at £14 but a complete and utter delight for those of us who love fashion illustration.  In his Curator’s Letter, Stephen Jones says [edited extracts] :

I am not a natural illustrator …

For the past 33 years, I have drawn hats every day …

For a designer, not being able to draw is a little bit like a writer not being able to type …

Illustrators take drawing to the next level …

my issue [of a magazine] is merely an indulgent showcase for my illustrator friends’ astonishing creativity and sensitivity. 

He pays tribute to, and dedicates, a magazine to the memory of Anna Piaggi and her love and promotion of fashion illustration throughout her career. Gladys Perint Palmer – one of my favourite illustrators – contributed an illustration to a magazine of ‘Stephen and Anna’, see my photo of it below:

Anna and Stephen by Gladys Perint Palmer, 2012
Anna and Stephen by Gladys Perint Palmer, 2012

I’ve added a few more photos, by me, of illustrations that I particularly liked and there are loads more as well as articles and commentary throughout.  I loved a magazine and, if it appeals and you search it out, I hope you do too.  Inspiring and informative.  Fabulous, dontcha’ think? Maybe the specialist magazine format will be the mechanism for survival in print.  I kind of hope so.

Ava Gardner's Loewe by Gordon Flores
Ava Gardner’s Loewe by Gordon Flores
Spider Plant Hat by Giles Deacon
Spider Plant Hat by Giles Deacon

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