Seasonal Dissonance: Tennis, Hats, Winter?

Band Of Outsiders Fall 2013

Engrossed by the tennis today, I am flicking, in a somewhat desultory manner, through emails between breaks and, despite the very warm weather here, my eye is drawn to Fall/Winter RTW Collections and, in particular, woolly hats by Band of Outsiders and fringed, upside down bucket, hats by Alexander Wang for Balenciaga.  Eek, seasonal dissonance alert!  Will return to this subject in, ooh, about twelve weeks, methinks.

Back to the tennis, I guess.  It’s not looking good for Tsonga and Djokovic already lost to Nadal earlier … does anyone want to watch a Nadal/Ferrer final reach the inevitable conclusion?  Not me for sure.  Serena/Sharapova looking to be the highlight of the weekend assuming one or the other doesn’t flake out.  Have a good one, y’all.

Balenciaga Resort Collection 2013

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