From the very outset of my blogging experiences, I have been interested in illustration and, specifically, in fashion illustration.

As long ago as 2007, I commissioned Ian Mitchell, aka InkyMitch, to produce some more stylish images of eLle on Stiletto Wheels – that’s me, by the way – than it was possible to find from anywhere else.

Of course, in real life, I look less stylish but, hey, if my alter ego in cyberspace isn’t entitled to a little artistic licence then what is the point of digitalising my life?

Elle, Stiletto Wheels
Elle, Stiletto Wheels and Plus Black


For the start-up of the Plus Black blog, I commissioned the hugely talented Hannah Ensor of Stickman Communications to create a short series of illustrations intended to represent, with a generous splash of humour, +Black women, all to be based on images and writings from the +Black blog.

Hannah has now completed the initial series of illustrations – see +B Illustrated Stickman for the full set – maybe it will be added to at some future date.

Be Inspired by Hannah Ensor

‘Be inspired’ was our introductory illustration. It expresses the ethos of:

About +Black

which is further developed in:

Be Inspired by Style for Changing Lives at Plus Black


You might also be interested to note that, I have always been keen to promote and share the work and details of illustrators as I come across them. Click on Illustration Art for more details on those I have featured in the +Black blog.


Finally, I have had huge, and ongoing, fun in expressing my own interest in illustration through the wonders of modern technology, being an iPad and stylus.

i live with a chronic neurological illness and consequent dexterity problems in my hands and arms.  I am unable to hold pens, pencils, pieces of paper, lift things, move freely so had thought all hope of drawing beyond me.

However, stylus in hand and iPad on a Monkey Tail, I am tentatively enjoying developing a very personal illustration style – see my efforts and, hopefully, development under the Elle Illustrations category on this +Black blog. All kind, constructive comments are welcome. 😉

If you too have an interest in illustration, I would love to hear from you, about your blog, or your comments on mine so, don’t be a stranger.


Elle on Plus Black Blog

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