Film Northern Soul

Northern Soul

I’ve just been watching an excerpt from Northern Soul, click to see it below, and reading and about the film and those who brought it to life on the Nowness website:

Northern Soul is the labor of love of fashion photographer-turned-director, Elaine Constantine, who recreated the sweat-soaked and amphetamine-fueled soul scene that was centered around northern English venues such as the infamous Wigan Casino during the 1970s and 80s. Constantine did so with the help of her husband and fellow devotee, Marco Santucci, who was Executive Producer for the film, which stars Elliot James Langridge and Josh Whitehouse as two friends feeding off the all-nighters and rare records at their disposal …

Click this link to read more: Nowness: Northern Soul

Sounds like another nostalgic slice of my life in dance, fashion and style as, although I was more of a Southern Soulster myself, everyone knew of Wigan Casino and paths were crossed occasionally … tho’ I think Dunstable was about as far north as I ever got clubbing it!

I’ve seen that the film is already available for download on Apple so will be trying to catch up with it this weekend, or if not, sometime soon.  Looks like a lot of fun …



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