Winser London: grown up style online

Winser London

How great to welcome online a new retail experience for stylish, grown up, women: Winser London.  Looking around the website, there are some lovely relaxed styles and a whole section devoted to SHOP BLACK – marvellous to see … finally someone is getting the concept most dear to me.  From their Style Agenda section, they say:

What do women want? Simple clothes that slot neatly into real life, yes, chic clothes that make us feel like a woman.

The deceptively simple cashmere sweater, we want to wear to work with skirts and at the weekend with leggings. Why not let your cashmere sweater drop off the shoulder revealing some skin and that little erogenous zone that looks charming at any age.

Some perfect trousers, floppy silk feminine blouses, jersey T shirts and tunics, slouchy knits, draped dresses, comfortable jackets. What we want is to look instantly polished and grown up. To be able to admire everything we have in our wardrobes and to wear everything a lot. Updating, replacing, improving every season. We don’t want to look at a mass of junk we have collected and wonder what we were thinking.

It’s good to like practical as well as beautiful, to love the luxe touch of good fabrics, to make the mirror your friend. Try to buy with a clear vision and a plan that fit’s your purpose. Then you can enjoy being able to pick the right thing for the right occasion from your own collection of clothes. Invest a little time in creating this group of garments and you will then not need to spend a nano second more worrying about it.

Despite pictures and reports of extreme looks, acres of noisy prints and way out shapes, there is a distinct shift towards softness and femininity and as written in Vogue recently a sophisticated whisper of sexiness. Fabrics to love, cashmere silk and jersey are a lovely partnership together, both softness and comfort. Deft draping and stretch holds garments in place without buttons and zips. This is a look that stands the test of time and flatters the curvaceous as well as the slim.

We have been generous with our fabrics, and have not skimped on our sizing. Our pieces are realistically sized and proportioned

It’s maybe a bit more ‘on trend’ than I would personally tend to be but much of their approach is the kind of sense I, and others, have been banging on about for years, so how great to see this addition to the options available to us.  From a quick peek around the site, I’m loving that they have used Yasmin Le Bon to represent their look, sizes seem to go up to a comfortable UK18 and I’ve put images here of some of my favourite items.  Am slightly less keen on the lack of cotton and preference for viscose in fabric but, for most, this probably isn’t much of an issue.

Launched by Kim Winser who has huge amounts of retail experience and roping in lots of style and design talent, this looks like a destination website for those of us seeking beautifully simple style and design.  I will, for sure, be going back to look some more and I’d love to hear some feedback from those who purchase …?


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