Shaun Leane Bangle

Shaun Leane Turquoise Resin Tusk Bangle
Shaun Leane Turquoise Resin Tusk Bangle

Some years ago, I bought D some rather unique looking tusk cufflinks – see below – from Shaun Leane.  Today, I clicked onto the Shaun Leane site to find a hugely expanded range of jewellery for men and women.

I absolutely love the bangle above which comes in a range of colours, including black, priced at £235.  It has gone straight onto my, upcoming, birthday gift list.

Just as a hint, if I haven’t made the point forcefully enough previously, jewellery is the no-brainer gift choice for plus-sizes, wheelchair users, in fact, pretty much any female as well as a lot of men – cufflinks, leather bracelets, even earrings and necklaces feature in the Shaun Leane men’s range.  For those of us with dexterity problems in our hands, the slide-on style of the bangle I like is just great as are most things we are able to loop over our heads or around our arms and wrists.

You should note that Shaun Leane is not offering throw-away jewellery.  Prices start from about £170 and go high – steer clear of the Fine Jewellery category if you fear the heights!  The more-original-than-high-street designs and good quality of the product are worth the investment for someone special, as a gift with longevity.

Do go across and take a look, maybe bookmark the site for Christmas gifts.  I hope you like as much as I do.

Shaun Leane Tusk Cufflinks
Shaun Leane Tusk Cufflinks

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