Squeeze-On Earrings

Squeeze On Earrings at Kabiri
Squeeze On Earrings at Kabiri

If you have dexterity problems with your hands and find pierced, or even clip-on, earrings tricky to handle, these squeeze-on earrings, sold at Kabiri, might possibly be a solution for you.

They are cute, and come in a heart shape from Coops Of London, as well as in gold and silver along with the rose gold colour above.

They wouldn’t work for me with my numb fingers and a too-pretty-for-me style – I like bold and dangly – but we’re all different in function and personal taste so, if you like, take a look.

What I’d really like is something like these that I could thread pierced earrings onto – now that really would be a result to find if such a thing even exists.  A friend has a fab pair of clip-ons from Tiffany’s that she is able to do this with but the model of hers is now discontinued.  I shall keep looking and would appreciate a heads-up if you see anything that might be workable in this way.

There isn’t a lot of jewellery that I’ve seen for those with dexterity problems in their hands, is there?  I wonder why when it must be such a huge market when you take into account those of us with arthritis, diabetes and the myriad of neurological dysfunctions.  Am I missing something out there that addresses the problem?  For me, it’s like the proverbial needle in a haystack search.

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