Swarm: Oil Painting Bags

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Swarm Flower Satchel
The Shop Floor Project

I don’t know about you but I hate The Sales.  I hate the crowds, the end-of-lines, the old season stock.  Oh, I do occasionally buy things – house items for sure, maybe the odd accessory or fashion trend that I fell in love with, that no one else did and so, yay, it’s marked down …

But mostly, I love new things and, today, I love these gorgeous Oil Painting Bags by Swarm which I spotted on a quirky little site that I like: The Shop Floor Project.

There are lots of nice things to be found on The Shop Floor, not least these fab sconces by Malin Appelgren Paulsson which will have a place in my home soon:

Sconces by Malin Appelgren Paulsson

Pop across and take a look around … It’s hard not to find something to love, right?

For Swarm bags in particular, there’s a Meet The Maker info page on The Shop Floor and a whole website of Swarm goodies to be found elsewhere.  I love these totes.  Don’t you?  Enjoy.


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