Amy Revier Horn Pullover

Amy Revier: Weaving Beautiful Garments

How gorgeous are the beautiful fabrics woven by Amt Revier and made into uniquely styled garments?

On her website, Amy Revier says:

From my studio and home in London I slowly build one of a kind garments entirely by hand. Weaving is drawing. It is an ancient practice of intersection and overlapping, the weft thread perpetually pursuing the warp, making it whole. As Isabella Ducrot beautifully explains in her book Text on Textile, “the weft longs for the warp and their marriage is what lies at the heart of all woven textile, be it rag or brocade, and establishes a dynamic relationship comprising alliances and tensions that make the finished work so much more tenacious than the single fibres of which it is composed.” It is an absorbing ritual that demands intuition and time.

Each garment is composed from thousands of metres of thread. Materials are made in small quantities in Japan. They are often hand dyed or painted . My studio is home to an ever-growing library of material which I pull from and make pairings of warp and weft for each piece. I have no assistants and do not outsource labour. Seeing something grow from start to finish is enough. Making in this private way allows for a kind of play, improvisation, and intimacy that the work needs. The process of measuring the warp, winding each thread onto the loom, and finally weaving the textile – is a full two week process. Once woven, I work alongside a single individual, Isabella Stefanelli, to design and build the cloth into a garment. The process of taking cloth to garment is about listening to the textile and adhering to want it wants. The body of a coat or arm is adapted for the character of the cloth. Together we build garments with a sculptural reference, cut in such a way that they allow room for one to move and respond within. The garments are meant to be a source of nourishment, worn year after year as a kind of uniform …

The Horn Pullover, images above and below, is just one garment from the full range, see more on the Amy Revier site. Each item has its’ own unique fabric qualities complemented by design that is simple, classic and totally wearable by a myriad of body shapes.

Such exquisite hand-crafted style does not come inexpensively – prices for available items are in the £1500-£2000 range – nor is supply plentiful but this is the complete antithesis to cheap throwaway fashion.  Garments to love and wear for a lifetime … so, on a cost per wear basis, maybe not so expensive either.

If this is your kind of style, I urge you to explore the Amy Revier website and follow the links to her stockists of choice for current availability.

Amy Revier: Weaving Beautiful Garments.

Amy Revier: Horn Pullover detail
Amy Revier: Horn Pullover detail


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