Mats Gustafson Tutu For Comme des Garçons 2005. Images may be subject to copyright.

Mats Gustafson

I was reading today about an exhibition at the Millesgarden Museum in Stockholm, running to 22 September 2013, showing the fabulous illustrations of Mats Gustafson (article link: AnotherMag), Fashion, Figures, Faces: Mats Gustafson, described as:

… a 30-year retrospective of the renowned fashion illustrator … With a few deft brushstrokes, Gustafson can capture the subtly undulating curves of a Yohji Yamamoto silhouette or reduce a Romeo Gigli ruffled coat to an almost abstract form with a great deal more eloquence than a digital image ever could. Far from being an anomaly in the post-modern age, Gustafson’s dedication to his craft marks him out as an artisan in the deepest sense. Gustafson protests, “I don’t want to be considered a throwback or a conservative person but I am very content to work with my hands and paper and I’m more inspired by that – I like to see the presence of the hand. It sounds so reactionary really because I try to keep an open eye and mind. But sometimes the shock of the old is more interesting than the contemporary.”

The article directs readers to the site of August Editions and and a beautiful book currently available from them: Mats Gustafson: Watercolours.

In the UK, the Fashion Illustration Gallery has a number of items for sale featuring Mats Gustafson’s work.

Do go across, take a look and buy if you’d like.  Fashion Illustration is thought to be a dying art.  I’d like that not to be so.  Wouldn’t you?

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