Inspirational Women: Fabulous Fashionistas

Daphne Selfe
Daphne Selfe

Great article in The Times at the weekend about Fabulous Fashionista’s featuring a number of women answering questions on: how to be a style queen in your seventies?

Agree with them or not, they are a lot of fun to read about:

Bridget Sojourner, 75: “I never go into ordinary shops,” she says. “I don’t think they’re interesting clothes.” The only proper shops she visits are Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake. “They know me now in Yohji’s. I just walk around and look. I never buy anything. No! Good grief! The prices!”

Sue Kreitzman, 73, who used to write cookery books and is now an artist, who has a horror of beige. “I hate it. It’s the colour of death. It might kill you.”

Daphne Selfe, 85: has worked as a model since her twenties but she’s never been in such demand … “I don’t know why it is. The camera loves me,” she says. She’s been shot by Rankin and Mario Testino … How would she describe her style? “My daughter says ‘classy funky’. Will that do?”

Quoting from The Times – the full article is behind a paywall:

Think of the famous silver style icons – women such as Vivienne Westwood, 72, or Catherine Deneuve, 69, or American Vogue’s Grace Coddington, 72, revealed this week as a model for Marks & Spencer’s autumn/winter range – and what they’re united by is a refusal to dumb down their dress sense just because they’re older. The same goes for Sojourner and the fellow stars of a forthcoming Channel 4Cutting Edge documentary, which celebrates women who are ageing with attitude.

The Fabulous Fashionistas documentary will be shown on Channel 4, September 16, 2013, at 10pm.  Will you be watching?  I will.

Bridget Sojourner
Bridget Sojourner
Sue Kreitzman
Sue Kreitzman

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