Red Rose Tray by Bluebell Gray

Bluebellgray Interiors

Ebba Ecru Pompom Cushion by Bluebell Gray
Ebba Ecru Pompom Cushion by Bluebellgray, £105

Love the floral interiors products by Bluebellgray, especially the Pompom cushion, above, and Red Rose Tray below.

Read more about Bluebellgray:

… bluebellgray has quickly grown into one of Scotland’s most exciting textile exports, leading the floral trend and being stocked worldwide in the best design boutiques and stores.

Fi Douglas, a graduate of the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, set up bluebellgray with a clear vision and style in mind; her love of colour and all things floral combined with a desire to create unique painterly pieces. These vibrant, oversized water-colour blooms have become a brand signature and sit harmoniously alongside abstract pieces born from Fi’s natural painting process. Bluebellgray pieces are aimed at people looking for something unique and individual for their home, an antidote to mass production…

By clicking across to the Bluebellgray site where you are able to see their full range of products.  Beautiful.


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