Pola Thomson on Not Just A Label

Pola Thomson Spring 2013

Really pleased to see that one of my favourite New York based designers, Pola Thomson, is being sold on Not Just A Label (NJAL).  If you don’t know her, take a look at the NJAL Editorial on her as well as her NJAL product page.

Her designs are often strikingly architectural and very forgiving to non-stick-insect bodies.  Fabulous to see – even a limited number of – her designs available in the UK.

I love what NJAL do and how they support new designers worldwide, don’t you?  These kind of hub websites are such a massive positive development in connecting and encouraging us to think outside the – in this instance – geographical retailing box.

I’d love to do something similar for my own demographic but just not sure there is a wider one out there to support it … chronically ill, plus size, wheelchair using, formerly achingly stylish, middle-aged, wearers of black: where are you, my peeps?

OK, Shonda Rhimes moment over, seriously, it would be lovely if you’d give your support to the new designers hub, drop in on NJAL and Pola Thomson.  Buy some things.  Encourage design and the economy.  Do share your thoughts on the experience with me, should you wish to.  Enjoy.

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