Elegance and style as you age …

Advanced Style

I have been reading a lot, in the press and on the web, about how to stay stylish as you age and there are many examples of really fabulous looking women, such as Joyce Carpati, above, from the Advanced Style blog to prove the point.

As ever, style +Black seems to be the order of the day … it’s just so easy to go with it and add an accent colour for effect. Is it possible to say that too often?

Interestingly, I have not seen a single one of the articles acknowledge that ill-health, and chronic illness, is a marked feature of life for many as we age so there is no reference at all to maintaining style as you manage health problems.  The statistics show that two in three of us are likely to be affected by some form of physically debilitating illness in the longer term … obviously 100% eventually but over limited time periods or to non-discernible effect for the lucky minority.

Will ill-health for the over 50’s be the over-size-14 of the under 50’s – that is pretty much ignored by the mainstream media?  We will see increasing focus on the acceptable, good-looking, face of ageing but never a mention of the ‘ugliness’ of ill health that will be affecting so many of us.

Or, might the consumerist, ageing, baby boomers demand more when they develop the kind of impairments to mobility, dexterity and vision that affect so many people as they age?

It’s going to be an interesting couple of decades as the next generation breaks through the 50 year old barrier …

Joyce Carpati

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