Love scarves and wraps? Me, too.

Grey O'Hara - Lily and Lionel

As a neurologically paralysed wheelchair user, I struggle to get in and out of jackets and coats and as for buttons … I’ve gotta say that I’ve given up trying.  I need to be calm and in a good mood whenever I get where I’m going!

To keep warm, I simply swathe myself in beautiful wraps and scarves like the one above by Lily and Lionel.  On arrival, even with my rubbish hands and arms, I am able to slide my coverings off rather than roast to death waiting for help.  I have amassed a collection of wraps in varying fabrics as I find that layering is the way to go.  I do have my favourites but am always looking out for more.

I really like the one above which, in silk, I would wear under a black wool wrap-over when it’s too chilly for silk alone.  As an alternative, I wear a cape style wrap-over like this beautiful one from Eileen Coyne at Couture Lab (tho’ the price of this is a bit steep even for me!):

Eileen Coyne, Couture Lab

Have you found any other solutions to outerwear for the wheelchair user or those who are dexterity impaired?

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