Reading in, and about, The Women’s Room

The Women's Room

Further to my blog on Elegance and Style as you age, I have also become aware of a number of lifestyle blogs aimed at the over-40 year old female demographic.  One of the best of these is The Women’s Room and here’s a précis of who they are and what they’re doing:

Amanda and Jane met while working for the global fashion trend forecasting website, WGSN.  Both over 40 at the time, we lamented the lack of inspiring fashion and style publications available on and offline, for women our age.

We have have worked in fashion for many years, Amanda in fashion retailing, merchandising and as a writer and Jane as a women’s and children’s designer, writer and colour and trend forecaster.

The Women’s Room is the culmination of our vast professional experience and the things we love. Our daily posts aim to inspire, inform and celebrate growing older in a positive, witty and stylish way.

Amanda is a committed urbanite … frequently incensed by the lack of attention paid to women of 35 plus. The Women’s Room is a joyous way to fill the gap …

Jane is a creative eccentric and collector of people and things … She aspires to be a stylishly mad, red lipstick wearing old lady and would one day like to live by the sea and run a fabulous old peoples home for girls and gays, where she will write her memoir of her life in the fashion industry ‘Toile’s, Tantrums and Tear sheets.’

There is so much that is entertaining and interesting on their blog.  I honestly have no idea how Amanda and Jane manage to write so much on such a wide range of topics AND hold down a full time job but somehow they do.  Kudos!

If you’re interested, do pop across and take a peek …

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