American Justice, 1933, By Joe Jones At Royal Academy 'America After The Fall'

Exhibition: America After The Fall

Yesterday, I had a great evening at The Royal Academy looking around an exhibition: America after The Fall, which featured some truly engaging American art, and artists, that I’d seen, or heard, little of.

New things to learn about: love that in an exhibition.

There were a number of works by higher profile artists too, amongst them an early Jackson Pollack, Grant Wood, Edward Hopper, Philip Gaston, Georgia O’Keefe, Alice Neel. To read more about the exhibition click this link: The Reality …

I most enjoyed the lesser known, in the U.K. at least, works and was blown away by the impact of American Justice, 1933, by Joe Jones, the image included above.

I’ve spent some time today looking up Joe Jones and a few of the other artists whose details I noted, and I cannot resist including a couple more images below:

Swing Time (Louis Armstrong), 1938, by Arthur Dove, reference: Art Institute of Chicago.

The Eternal City, 1937, by Peter Blume, read a brief biography of the artist at The Met.

This is art from a fascinating period of history in so many ways, bridging, as it does the transition from one way of life to another. It rewards a visit.

America after The Fall at The Royal Academy, London, 25 February to 4 June 2017.

Swing Music (Louis Armstrong), 1938 By Arthur Dove
Swing Music (Louis Armstrong), 1938 By Arthur Dove
Peter Blume The Eternal City 1934-37 (dated on painting 1937)
The Eternal City, 1934-37 (dated on painting 1937), By Peter Blume

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