Vega Zaishi Wang A/W 2014

Vega Zaishi Wang

Isn’t this just, above and (the back view) below, the most beautiful winter coat … and the shoes? Totally impractical shoes but too delicious.  The coat – totally wearable.

All by Vega Zaishi Wang, Beijing, click through to see the full A/W 2014 collection and read more on the NJAL website: Vega Zaishi Wang, Beijing.  NJAL’s bio notes that:

… In 2008, [Vega Zaishi Wang] returned to China to establish her eponymous brand … Vega has already been recognized as one of China’s [best] independent designers in terms of both originality and quality.

Most products are hand-made with a majority of fabrics sourced from across Asia and Europe.  Her aesthetic certainly reflects her cultural heritage but is also largely influenced by her time spent in the UK. The shapes and silhouettes are slightly exaggerated, but she focuses specifically on a purity of tone, exceptional hand-craftsmanship, and a quiet charm that has already resonated with clients around the world.

As a 27-year-old fashion designer, Vega continually strives to build a consistent, trusted brand. After nine collections in nearly five years, she has developed herself alongside her label to become the distinctive, independent, self-contained, and powerful woman that the VEGA ZAISHI WANG Brand represents …

My favourite items are definitely the coats – I hit my iPad to sketch as soon as I saw the yellow coat featured above.  I’ve attached another great coat plus my illustration below but you’ll have your own faves to rave about if you take a look at the full collection:

Vega Zaishi Wang A/W 2014: The Dark Night Of The Soul

I did check out the price and my favourite yellow coat is about £1,280, converted, but shipping from China would add a bit, I’m sure.  At the moment, it seems purchase via the online shop, accessed on the Vega Zaishi Wang website, might be the only option possible – if your Chinese is better than mine! – or maybe an email asking for UK/Europe/US distributors might disclose alternatives.

Buy or not buy, Vega Zaishi Wang is a designer to look out for, don’t you agree?

Vega zaishi Wang 2014
Vega Zaishi Wang A/W 2014
Vega Zaishi Wang 2014
Vega Zaishi Wang A/W 2014
Plus Black blog Vega Zaishi Wang 2014
elle illustrates Vera Zaishi Wang A/W 2014




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