Dolce & Gabbana Shearling Coat

Bling. Blink. Bling. Blink.

I may not have mentioned it but I buy quite a lot of my partner, D’s, clothes.  He is a man with a – well developed and unique – sense of style so I keep my eyes open for new and interesting things happening in Menswear.

I saw this lovely D&G Shearling coat, above, in the FT’s How To Spend It section this weekend. Nice, but how much?

I looked.


Looked again.

Intake of breath.

I am not a woman to shy away from expensive but …£72,000!

Yes, you did read that correctly.

£72,000.  For a coat.


The, umm, sparkly bits are crystals apparently.

No, that didn’t do a lot for me either.

I’m kind of amused that anyone would seriously charge or pay for an item of clothing at this price.

But I’m also mad at a world where this happens.

Such ostentatious pretension and self indulgence.  It’s a real ‘let them eat cake’ attitude, isn’t it?

Makes me feel very uncomfortable … as if all our priorities are out of whack.

I defend the right of each to spend their money as they please, of all to take their pleasure where they desire but my head, and heart, hurt in a world where those with means would choose to splurge their largesse in this manner.

Bling. Blink. Bling. Blink. Or maybe just think … long and hard about life, circumstance and luck.

Even if I had the £££, D would not be wearing it on his back.

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