Alison Berger Word Pendant, Night.

Alison Berger Word Pendant

I saw this exquisite Word Pendant by Alison Berger many years ago and, somehow, never posted it on my blog until now.

It is a simple and practical object that with words and light transmutes into a unique sparkle of magic and beauty.

I look at it and, extracting words from Alison Berger’s Introduction To Process:

All of my work is based on the idea that glass is a rarefied and special medium that deserves exceptional attention. My process is intense, physical, and time-consuming. Though I love to experiment and push boundaries, my tools and techniques are essentially the same ones used thousands of years ago. For me, there is no other way. The history of glassblowing, that sense of the true touch of the hand, is the heart and soul of every object I make. I could use industrial processes and be more efficient, produce perfectly uniform pieces, but that has never been the point for me.

… I am still spellbound and mystified by the chameleon-like quality of crystal, still trying to crack the code of all that it does. Maybe I never will, or at least not fully … in the beauty of the finished piece … Though it may look pristine and calm, it bears the sweat that seared its surface, the tool marks from calipering, and the touch of ash from the newspaper I held to shape it. To me, these traces are what “handmade” really means. Each one of my objects is unique, yet as a set they feel related, like brothers and sisters.

I understand.

I’ve attached a number of images of the Word Pendant just because I love it so much and want you to as well, plus a couple of other examples of Alison Berger’s work to pique your interest further.

I do have the Word Pendant on my list of ‘items-I’d-love-but-not-sure-I-will-have-£££-left-for’ as part of my upcoming house project. Fingers crossed that it will, one day, be showering light words across the ceiling of our study. 🖤

To see more of Alison Berger’s work click on any of the links above or source through Holly Hunt.

All image copyright with Alison Berger.

Alison Berger Word Pendant.
Alison Berger Word Pendant
Alison Berger Words and Word Pendant.
Alison Berger Words and Word Pendant
Alison Berger Word Pendant, Night.
Alison Berger Word Pendant, Night
Alison Berger Cage Pendant, Night.
Alison Berger Cage Pendant, Night
Alison Berger Moon Pendant In Full Rotation
Alison Berger Moon Pendant In Full Rotation

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