How do the dexterity-challenged manage pierced earrings?

Jacqueline Cullen Earrings
Jacqueline Cullen Earrings

Tiny holes, poor eyesight, fumbling fingers – doesn’t make it easy, does it?  My neurologically deficient fingers struggle with clip-on earrings.  My mind boggles at the thought of trying to insert thin metal prongs through a tiny hole in my ears!  My physio has drawn blood trying to put hers in … ouch!

But beautiful jewellery – even the junk-jewels that I tend to prefer – are too much fun NOT to wear and as for some of the lovely stuff produced as art – like the above by Jacqueline Cullen – impossible to give up!

One friend has some circular clips that she hangs her pierced earrings on but what about those with the short wire and butterfly fixing at the rear?  How do other people with dexterity problems cope?

If you have a solution or any ideas, let me know.  Meantime go across to Jacqueline Cullen’s site and take look at Whitby jet jewels:

Jacqueline Cullen is a designer maker specialising in contemporary Whitby jet jewellery. Whitby jet is a prehistoric black fossil ca. 180 million years old and most commonly associated with Victorian mourning jewellery. The trend for wearing jet jewellery was started by Queen Victoria when she went into mourning for Prince Albert. Mined during its heyday, Whitby jet is now rare. Jacqueline’s supplier abseils down the cliffs on a rope collecting raw samples from the disused mines and ancient caves.

Jacqueline Cullen
Jacqueline Cullen Cuff


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