More Daniela Gregis

Daniela Gregis A-W 2013
Daniela Gregis A/W 2013

With seasonal fashion in the news, I figure it’s an ideal time to take a more in-depth look at Daniela Gregis whose collection I’ve made note of previously.

As you know, I’m always looking for style that might work for those of us who are less than Paris-thin, way past puberty, maybe somewhat unconventionally shaped, living lives in transition from mainstream ‘norms’ whatever they may be … and always compatible with the ethos of +Black.  And, you know, I think Daniela Gregis might tick most of those requirements.

Going to my current favourite site for all the fashion latest,, I totally loved most of her A/W 2013 Collection.  The dress above, along with a similar top, is just gorgeous and totally my kinda thing.  I’ve included two or three more looks that I love from each of the A/W 2013 and S/S 2014 collections but to see many more click here: Daniela Gregis on

There is a substantial selection of Daniela Gregis available on Farfetch or, maybe, a trip to Italy would work better for you?  Lots of beautiful shapes, fabrics, colours and accessories to be inspired by.

 Daniela gregis on Farfetch

Daniela Gregis A-W 2013

Daniela Gregis S/S 2014
Daniela Gregis S/S 2014
Beautiful Scarf from Daniela Gregis A/W 2013

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