Daniela Gregis S/S 2015

Daniela Gregis S/S 2015
Daniela Gregis S/S 2015

Another collection to admire – lust over – love from Daniela Gregis S/S 2015 at MFW.

If you are looking for wearable, forgiving style in beautiful fabrics that will look fabulous on all age groups, look no further than this.  I delight in the use of older and real life sized – comparatively – models on the Daniela Gregis catwalk.  Wish we saw this more often …

I’ve picked my favourites to include here – really struggled to decide between the arty fabric and shape of the pant-suit above and  the rich blue of the outfit below as my absolute standouts – but click to see the full collection of images on Fashionising Runway.

Daniela Gregis S/S 2015

Daniela Gregis S/S 2015 daniela-gregis-spring-summer-2015-mfw3 daniela-gregis-spring-summer-2015-mfw9 daniela-gregis-spring-summer-2015-mfw13 daniela-gregis-spring-summer-2015-mfw47 daniela-gregis-spring-summer-2015-mfw50 daniela-gregis-spring-summer-2015-mfw57

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