Fire Island Opera

From Cool Hunting, an Inspiring 5 minute interview with Fire Island Opera’s Edwin Cahill (Artistic Director) and Bradley Moore (Music Director) as they reflect on last summer’s performances, and talk about what’s next.

I really love the way Fire Island are attempting to make opera a more accessible art form for those who are unfamiliar with it and entertainment for those who might not feel up to sitting through an entire opera in a more formal theatre environment.  Further to this, they are reviving some shorter, less well known, pieces, unfamiliar and of interest to those of us who are opera enthusiasts in what looks to be a really fun artsy space.

I am a definite enthusiast but do find the often stultifying atmosphere and productions of many opera houses a complete bore.  However, when an opera comes together, it is a thing of magnificent and uplifting beauty.  My all time fave is Mozart’s Don Giovanni, just as a by the way note, for anyone interested.

I welcome all the initiatives to widen the appeal of opera – outdoor events, cinema, modernisation, cheaper season tickets, alternate venues et al. and wish I might get an opportunity to experience Fire Island Opera myself.  If you have managed to go or have  favourite opera to recommend, I would love to hear from you.

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