Moyuru Linen Shirt £285 at Walkers of Pottergate

Summer at Walkers of Pottergate

Love these outfits from Walkers of Pottergate, in their Summer Ideas email – see more on the Anne Recommends page.

The capacious Moyuru shirt, above, is just my kind of thing … wish it came in black.  White is just too blinding for me, even in summer.  And the gorgeous Harem Pants below … I’d snap these up if it weren’t for my fat-feet-skinny-ankle-twiggy-wheelchair-leg look.  It’s a ‘non-standing wheelchair user thing’, believe me, and be grateful you don’t have to think about it but it means full length, feet covering trousers only for me (and the thousands like me, I imagine!). So, weeps into cup of tea, no funky harem pants happening here.

But, lots more to look at – more fabulous Moyuru, yum – so do not let my issues stop you.  Head across to browse the Walkers shop and you will find really quite a lot for the plus-sized, unconventionally shaped and those requiring forgiving shapes and fabrics.  Not a whiff of special sizes or needs about it.  Just lots of fabulous design aesthetic that is hard to find in the mainstream and might be totally the thing for you.

Walkers of Pottergate.

Let me know if you like.  Enjoy.

Moyuru at Walkers
Moyuru Harem Trousers £210 at Walkers of Pottergate



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