Dance Transcends Fashion

Rick Owens on Plus Black Blog

Finally got a chance to catch up on my emails  and read this piece from Blouin ArtInfo on the Rick Owens S/S 2014 Show: Dance Transcends Fashion At Rick Owens.

I’d seen some of the PR on it – unconventional sizes, dancers not models, multi-racial, kicking against the form – but, as reported, it all seemed more of a gimmick than a genuine shift away from the expected.

However, I think my impression was wrong.  Looking at the Youtube video, I thought it was a lot of fun, made the clothes come to life and was both exhilarating and enjoyable – far more so than watching the usual very thin people wafting around in dim light with their goth-chic(k) on.   Rick Owens said it was not in any way a statement about race, size, fashion but:

… simply a celebration of American traditions, performed on a European stage. “Step teams are an American phenomenon,” he told fashion daily WWD. “My aesthetic has always been about an American’s interpretation of European glamour. To put these girls on the Parisian runway was a culmination of everything I do.”

I believe him.  His ‘norm’ in this is mine.  I don’t see grandiose statements just life, laughs and a fabulously accessible collection.  Take that any way you’d like.

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