My kind of style from Habibe London

Habibe Grey Jacket
Habibe Grey Jacket

Idly scanning the internet for plus-size sites – as I am wont to do in the spare minutes I spend waiting for people to arrive at my home – I came across Habibe London.  Yes.  This is my kind of design aesthetic with fabulous fabrics and so easy to wear.

If you click into the e-store and view-all, I particularly loved the trousers with the drawstring legs – ideal for me in my wheelchair – and some of the simple tunics which are just what I have been looking for. If I wore jackets, there are about half a dozen that I would want here.  My only reservation was the fabulous fabrics which I was worried would not survive the tug&tumble of wheelchair life. So, I contacted Habibe to find out if make-to-order was an option.

Cutting the detail, I went across to meet her to discuss my issues and to take a look at her stock which is every bit as well made and beautiful as it looks.  Habibe was charming to chat to and entirely open to solving, at least some of, my clothing problems.

If you too love her style, I encourage you to pop across to her online store, contact her direct or keep an eye on her Events page as she does sell at some of the Craft Fairs that are on around London.

Habibe S/S12

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