Iconic Photography: Alek Wek by Herb Ritts

Alek Wek photo Herb Ritts
Alek Wek photo by Herb Ritts

I’ve always loved this iconic photo, above, of Alek Wek by Herb Ritts so it was interesting to listen to Alek Wek speak about the shooting of it on ShowStudio: Alek Wek by Herb Ritts.

The Alek Wek interview is one of a series, Subjective, where:

Nick Knight and SHOWstudio present the history of contemporary fashion photography as told from the subjects’ perspectives. When envisaging ‘Subjective’, Knight sought to empower models by putting their oft-unheard stories in the spotlight. He talks to a range of women, including Kate Moss, Alek Wek, Lily Cole and Tatjana Patitz, whose faces and forms helped create the world’s most iconic images.

I’m sure all lovers of fashion photography, like me, will be clicking across to hear, and see, more.

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