My Small Garden Of Shady Beauty 🖤

Chelsea Flower Show, Plus Black Style

As you might expect, I don’t really do florals but I do love my (tiny) garden, above right, and watch the coverage of the annual Chelsea Flower Show avidly.

I am always looking for things to make my outside space even more lovely as there are few better moments to be had in life than to sit and reflect on humanity, love and the universe in your own little piece of private, outside, space.

The most delicious things in my garden currently are my Bronzino planters, the Aqualens water feature by Alison Armour, a  fabulous orange trumpet plant that I inherited and my stunning (12 foot high) banana plants.  I’ve put pictures of them all on here because it’s Chelsea week, summer is coming, my garden – even when it is looking a little untidy – makes me happy and I’m all about spreading the happy today.

Enjoy and do share your garden fabulousness with me if you’d like to.

Bronzino Neptune Planter
Bronzino Neptune Planter
Bronzino Basin Planter
Bronzino Basin Planter
Aqua Ball by Allison Armour
Orange Trumpet Flowers

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