Plus Size Revamp: I Dare To Be

Black Knot Hem Top & Trousers
Black Knot Hem Top & Trousers

One of my favourite plus-size websites has had a revamp: I Dare To Be.  There is all still a little too much black background on it for my personal taste which runs more to the paler shades of white and grey for web site design and look but, functionally, it is much better, easier, smoother, prettier to use.  Do go across and take a look at the huge variety of styles and designers that they stock for plus sizes.

I check out the site regularly as they are constantly updating it with new arrivals but they do not seem to stock in depth so, if you see something you like, best buy it.

My own current favourites include these knot hem tops and trousers in cotton with just a little elastane which I could live without but, hey, given the difficulties of getting great styles in plus sizes in cotton at all … I’m prepared to go with it and that little bit of stretch does help with adjustments in the wheelchair.  My preference for the top is to go with the unknotted style shown in the striped version, last image below, but we all find our own style with these things, don’t we?

Let me know if you like what you see on the website and do pass on the deets of your own favourite online stores any time you feel like it.  Have a good day.

Red Knot Hem
Red Knotted Top
Stripey Knot hem
Striped Knot Hem Top & Trousers

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