Intoxicated with Christmas bling …

Monica Vinader Lace Cuff
Monica Vinader Lace Cuff

Don’t know about you but I am waking every day with a to-do list as long as my arm, getting up determined to destroy it and ending up surfing the web for yet more Christmas … things.

I’m not even a jewellery person, particularly.  Junk jewellery at a stretch.  In fact, when we were burgled, thieves rifled through my meagre jewellery stores and left the entire lot of it. Precious … it seems not!

However, today, I find my self coming back, again and again, to this Monica Vinader Lace cuff (above) and earrings (below).  They are just so pretty and would look so good on me in my wheelchair.  Yay, wheelchair users can-do bling too.  I would love to find them sparkling on my Christmas tree.

Monica Vinader Lace Earrings

Dear Santa, I’ve been good all year …

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