Dash for discounts – plus sizes

Poetry UK - Tunic
Poetry UK – Tunic

Retailers are dashing to discount for Christmas, desperate for you to open your wallets before the big day.  Forget Boxing Day bargains.  December Discounts are where it’s at …

A couple of recommendations for plus size purchasing – for those who like understated, natural fabrics, good quality, nice design:

Poetry UK – online, upto UK size 22 (c.US 18)

J.Jill USA – easy, ageless, cool, online, unto US size 4X (c.UK 26-28)

J.Jill USA - Tunic
J.Jill USA – Tunic

For a more glitzy party style, try Anna Scholz, online or in many US department stores, sizes upto UK 28 (c.US 24) :

Anna Scholz Tunic
Anna Scholz Tunic
Anna Scholz Sequin Dress
Anna Scholz Sequin Dress

Jingle Bells.

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