Treat yourself Friday: Amelia Rope chocolates

Amelia Rope Chocolates
Amelia Rope Chocolates

It’s so close to Christmas that I’m dedicating my Friday post to delicious treats from now until then (and maybe beyond if I feel like it … January is so dull without a treat or two).

This week my treat is edible.  Chocolate … exquisitely wrapped, delicate tasting, beautifully made, mouth sized cubic treats from Amelia Rope who says

Handmade single origin chocolate bars are my latest creation, adding to my range of bespoke chocolate goodies. My chocolate collection is all about quality, taste, purity and indulgence. These areas I will not compromise on.  All the bars are hand made genuinely in England and the cocoa used ethically and sustainably sourced.  They are gluten free and alcohol free too.

A few years ago, I bought some chocolate dipped, sugar crusted rose petals from Amelia.  They were so fragile that D had to meet up with Amelia on a London Bridge in deep December to pick them up for our Christmas meal.  Her product range has moved on and is somewhat more robust now but just as beautiful.

D and I have tried both the Pale and Pale Sea Salt Collection plus a couple of bars of the dark and milk Special Edition bars.   Divine to look at and totally scrumptious.  These will be my go-to house gift … friend gift … whatever – gift, gift, gift … for the season.  Enjoy.

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