Warm fuzzies in my wheelchair … with fur trimmed cape

Nordstrom Fur Trimmed Cape
Nordstrom Fur Trimmed Cape

This style of cape is ideal for me in my wheelchair … you will be able to find it with fake fur if you wish … and so totally forgiving for the less than conventionally sized.

I have one just like it to swathe myself in on the coldest of winter days.  I don’t bother tucking the back down, I just rest it across the top of the wheelchair – to keep D’s hands warm if he is pushing me or my neck warm if I am going electric.  Clearly, it might be a bit less ideal if you are a self-propelling wheelie!

This one is from Nordstrom online in the US but my own came from Harrods in the UK and is a luxurious, heavy, black cashmere with the softest and warmest of fur trims.  The cashmere/fur option is not cheap – about £500 to £1,000 – but I’ve had mine over five years and it looks like new.  I’m not really seeing a ‘worn-out’ or ‘tired’ moment ending its’ useful life any time soon.

Even the smallest and slimmest of my girlfriends, most of whom are not wheelies, swoon and grab it to drape over themselves – it just feels so delicious – and more than one now has their own.  There are a huge number of similar styles available at most major department stores, in less expensive materials, if this kind of price tag blows your mind.  Try one for yourself.  If you are a wheelchair user, you might be saving yourself a load of ‘getting in and out’ hassle.

Wishing warm winter fuzzies to you all …

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