Walkers of Pottergate for asymetric lines and creative styling


Walkers of Pottergate
Walkers of Pottergate

Another favourite UK site for interesting and unusual stock and style is Walkers of Pottergate.

They’ve been in business a long time, supplying all shapes and sizes with creative product from some of the best European, and other, designers including my personal favourites Annette Gortz (pictured above), Rundholz and Barbara Speer.  This year, they’ve introduced the Bitte Kai Rand range … very nice!

Based in the city of Norwich and enjoying the areas historic cobbled streets, Walkers continues growing … Always looking for new labels, trying to push boundaries, and to keep on the edge of creativity …

Ann Rowe, owner and founder, is plus size herself and there is always a selection called ‘Nice Big Things’ where clothes that will comfortably fit plus sizes are grouped together.  She and her staff take pleasure in displaying the product on themselves – take a look at Anne’s blog and the Outfits selected by Anne pages.

The site is well worth a visit and they welcome all enquiries and online visitors.

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