Blue Fish Clothing – casual, black, plus-size, quirky …

Blue Fish Silk Robe Tunic
Blue Fish Robe Tunic

I came across Blue Fish Clothing some years ago and remain an admirer of Jennifer Barclay’s – the founding designer – business ethics, ethos and design aesthetic.

“the energy that creates beauty is eternal. blue fish began as a dream.  a desire to dress individually and expressively.  blue fish endeavors to reach out, to inspire, and to connect people through the philosophy which is expressed and shared through the clothes we make.”

– jennifer barclay

The quirky and individual collections range from formal to informal and comfortably fit plus sizes, often up to a size 28 given the cut and fit of many items.

The colours are usually beautifully muted and some of the print-work, always optional, is really lovely.  They have even, due to customer demand, upped the availability of black to include a full collection this year called Fabulous Black.

I have, over the years, bought several items and they are happy to ship and provide more information if you call or email.  If you haven’t already, do take a look. Let me know what you think.


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