Stylish shoes, awkward feet?

Fitflop Mules
Fitflop Mules

I am hunting for replacement mules for my Haflingers which are, after years of use, falling apart.  My main foot problem is swelling through the day, closely followed by needing an easy fit because carers seem ludicrously unable to manage anything that isn’t!

I’d be happy to simply buy another pair of the Haflingers but, for some bizarre reason, they no longer do the style I wear in black.  Why on earth would they not do black?  It’s beyond my comprehension but very hard to believe there is no demand for it.

Searching, I came across The Future Perfect Company’s blog: Is this the definitive list of stylish yet comfortable women’s shoes.  OK, I don’t find them all stylish but, it’s a good place to start and, if you work through it, you may find something that works for you.

I quite like the black Fitflop mules pictured above and they would be a close replacement for my Haflingers but when you are still yearning for the Robert Clergerie’s you used to wear – as I am, see below – I still feel I’m not quite achieving the style that I wish I were still accustomed to.

There are huge numbers of us with foot problems and so few places, it seems, that sell good-looking footwear.  The made-to-measure option is, in my experience, astronomically expensive and I cannot help but think there must be other options out there.  Are you able to fill in this knowledge-gap for me?  Please let me know of  any other sources or solutions that you have found to the problem of stylish footwear for awkward feet?

Robert Clergerie Footwear


  1. Karen Larke

    I completely agree with you concerning the shoe problem as mentioned in your email & here too. I have looked into creating boots (as my ankles arent very stable I wear mostly boots) with alternative fastenings velcro, zips, magnets etc. I put together a sketch of a boot with an almost full length zip fastening to the toe to the ankle, I thought it could be made in a forgiving stretch fabric mix, maybe waterproof coated in good colours and bearing no resemblence to the apalling velcro slipper boots (yuk)! Could always email some copies of the designs to u if u want to look through them? Mind you I have to locate them first – major memory probs!!! xx

    1. Elle@plusblack

      Would love to see them, if it’s easy for you because I love hearing about and looking at solutions to these problems. Maybe someone might see this and offer to make them up for you, who knows? Or, in the longer term, either Ann Oliver or I may get as far as feet in our retailing ambitions! Best, L.

  2. WDC

    Which model are you looking for?

    These are all Haflingers in black:

    You might try Ecco as well. They’re known to be comfortable.

    Some people that I know have their shoes custom made. It may be difficult for shoe companies to build around the various needs when needing a special fit.

    Don’t some sport shoes manufactures custom mold shoes for athletes? Maybe that technology can be used for this as well.

    A High Viscous Material Inkjet Printer may also be a solution:

    The latter could provide , in time, easy made and affordable custom shoes.

    Hope it helps.

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