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I have been a long-time admirer of Wall-London who have a retail outlet in Notting Hill as well as a very nice online site.  This short video, and their description of it, showcases their product and concept really well:

10 Ways to Wear Wall: a two minute video showing how Wall’s beautiful Autumn 2012 collection can be worn from day into night, at work and at play.
We wanted the video to represent our customers so rather than using models the video features Judith Balcazar, Wall’s Director of Design, and Veronique Henderson, Director of Colour Me Beautiful. Despite having very different body shapes, both women look elegant and sophisticated and show how real women can wear Wall.
Wall was established in 1997 with the opening of a boutique in London’s vibrant Notting Hill by Hernán and Judith Balcázar. Since then the timeless elegance and luxurious quality of Wall clothing has earned the company a loyal and wide-ranging client base. All Wall clothes are produced in sizes XS-XL to allow a wide variety of women to enjoy their classic styles. Wall also retail through mail order and their online store. Wall has previously been described as ‘the thinking woman’s label’ due to the grown up, artistic nature of their clothing.  If you’d like to know more, please see our website www.wall-london.com.

I have recommended Wall to friends and am able to assure you that the product, and shopping experience, is every bit as delightful as it looks.  Sizes are readily available up to a size 20 and occasionally to a size 24 … still not enough in black for me but, in autumn/winter, there is usually a reasonable amount of black in evidence.  I love suggesting Wall to others because they are always so pathetically grateful to me when they see the product.

Why do I not shop there myself?  It’s very simple, I’ve not bought a single item to date for one reason only: length.  Most of my purchases are tops, tees and shirts and, lovely as those at Wall may be, they aren’t long enough to cover my essentials.  It is a source of ongoing frustration to me that the lengths of Wall’s tops are so short – at 22-26 inches – or dress length – at 36 inches or longer.  I am 5ft 6in tall – not much above the UK average – and the tops length I need is around 28-32 inches, preferably 30 inches.

Tops longer than this get caught up in all my wheelchair gubbins.  Tops shorter than this cut off at mid-tummy or, worse, ride up my stomach and that is just an appalling look for a person sitting in a wheelchair whose main physical problem is a spreading, non-muscular, middle.  I also prefer trapeze shaped tops for the same reason – not a mass of volume but a gentle A-line.  The only good look, unless you are very slim, for a permanently seated figure is a long one from bust to knees and there is little quite so annoying as perpetually grabbing your top to keep it in place rather than bunching around your midriff.

Unless, or until, Wall start making tops, tees and shirts in longer lengths, I will continue to gaze longingly at their product but will not, sadly, be able to wear it but, please, don’t let my specific physical difficulties put you off.  Go across, take a look.  As my friends will testify, there is a lot to enjoy.

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