© Cathy Daley, Dance 2016

Women Artists: Cathy Daley

I saw this ‘Dance, 2016’ illustration by Cathy Daley on 1st Dibs last year and loved it.

Last week, I followed up my interest by clicking across to her eponymous website to read more. From Newzones, a quick bio:

At first glance, Cathy Daley’s drawings are all frothy and savvy girlishness. Daley’s drawings, in fact, reflect an aesthetic driven by the contemporary figure yet coloured by post-feminist ideas surrounding the female form.

Born in 1955, Toronto, Ontario, Cathy Daley received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art in 1975. Her drawings have been widely exhibited across North America and Europe. Much has been written about Daley’s work including recent reviews in Canadian Art, Globe & Mail, Border-Crossings and Art in America.

Cathy Daley is a recipient of numerous awards and grants. Her artworks can be found in collections all over the world, including the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Canada, the Canada Council Art Bank, The Art Gallery of Ontario, the Kelowna Art Gallery, Tom Thomson Art Gallery, amongst others.

Drawing from the world of high fashion, Daley’s work made with black oil pastel on white vellum is a contemporary exploration of both body politics and culturally accepted images of femininity. These iconic drawings often point to the formulas behind many stereotypes, which are built on unrealistic ideals of perfection and cultural caricatures.

Of her artwork Roni Feinstein from Art in America writes:

“These drawings reflect a contemporary, post-feminist ambivalence toward fashion, critiquing the garment industry’s wrapped-and-bound feminine ideal and the notion of woman as spectacle. But irony in Daley’s cultural criticism is the source of much of the drawing’s wit. While recognizing the limitations imposed by old ideals, she also acknowledges their grace and appeal and expresses a certain nostalgia and yearning.”

Right up my street and I’m imagining where to hang something by her on my walls as I type this.

I’ve attached a few more examples of Cathy Daley’s playful illustrations below but do click across to see more of her work.


© Cathy Daley
© Cathy Daley
© Cathy Daley, From the Black Dress series 2012
© Cathy Daley, From the Black Dress series 2012
© Cathy Daley
© Cathy Daley

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