Autumnal Eileen Fisher

When I’m not wearing seasonal Rundholz, my other favourite go-to for plus-size fashion in fabulous fabrics is Eileen Fisher.

With it’s classical styling, Eileen Fisher is almost antithetical to the asymmetrical over-size style aesthetic of Rundholz but, for me, there’s no contradiction in liking both. It’s akin to admiring equally the on-screen wardrobes of Claire Underwood from House of Cards and Jessica Pearson of Suits. Very different ‘looks’ but both style trends that are just beautiful – helped, clearly, by the truly amazing physical attributes of Robin Wright and Gina Torres.

No way aspiring to such modish heights in my personal style, I find the simple lines of garments like the Eileen Fisher tunic, above – at Neiman Marcus, c.£192, currently for pre-order –  appeal to me as much as the less conventional styling of Rundholz and I’m as likely to be found in one as the other.

Every season, Eileen Fisher do an easy-fit range of simply designed garments in lovely, natural, tactile fabrics that work for both plus sizes and, in my case and maybe yours, wheelchair users.

Note that not all styles are carried in the Eileen Fisher online shop. Some designs – all under the Eileen Fisher label – seem to be sold only in certain retail outlets – major US department stores like Neiman Marcus, Saks and so on. I guess they have exclusivity deals in place but it does mean that a wider web search might be needed to find the items you like.

New Autumn Eileen Fisher stock is hitting the stores now so it’s maybe time to take a look, do some shopping and remember, despite the summer temperatures …

Winter is coming (yes, I am a Game of Thrones fan, having read the books first and am now worrying desperately that George RR Martin is never going to finish the series – damn those TV executives for distracting him).

Happy weekend wishes.

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