Comme Christmas Snow

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is my last blog until the New Year and, as tends to happen, time and energy have run away from me.

I shall sign off with my favourite Xmas card fascia for this year – CDG Snow, above.  If you’d be interested to see the others that I am using, click on the Elle Illustrations link, here or on the blog menu..

I wish you all love, peace and happiness this Christmas and, with warm hopes for a wonderful New Year, ask that you remember, with me, over this joyful season, our friends no longer here:

In Memoriam of my friend:

I am so sad to be writing this in memory of my dear friend, Tony.

The news of his death was so shockingly unexpected and my world, as that of all his friends, feels diminished by his loss.

As friends for over a decade, I hadn’t seen a lot of Tony in the past few years. That happens. We were both busy, life moving in different directions. I thought of him, hoped he was happy, doing well, enjoying his life and career.

I never felt him less of a friend for the lack of contact. For me, Tony was one of that handful of friends of whom we all have just a few. Those with whom friendship feels always solid, a constant unwavering sense of joy, liking, appreciation and affection forged by shared moments that sparkle in mind and soul.

I knew, whether it was two weeks, one year or ten, any time, we would be able to pickup where we left off, laughing, having fun and just connecting as true friends do – the catch of an eye, smirk of a lip, a word, a look … cue laughter, empathy, sharing and warmth.

True, deep friendship is like that, isn’t it? Secure. Unshakeable. Permanently a part of you. Each such friend, a blessing, comfort and beacon of hope in a harsh cold world.

And, yet today, Tony is gone. Too soon. My heart breaks at the loss to us all, and especially to Dominic and Tony’s family, of Tony’s love, charm, kindness, laughter and life.

I mourn for my friend and yet, I also must celebrate his life, albeit too short in time.

From her biography, the artist, Dorothea Tanning, memorably described friends who have passed as:

‘fireflies…each one a bit of phosphorus, a life that brushed mine and caused me, in its glow, to exist,

And now they sit on memories windowsill…’

How this resonates with me. Tony’s life brushed all who knew him with his own unique light.

I am so glad to have met him, known him and feel him to have been one of the dearest of my friends. I shall miss him and remember him with joy to my end of day.

With love and deepest sorrow, I raise a glass of the sparkling champagne that we so often shared, in memory of Tony, his kindness, his charm, his life, his love and his much-valued friendship.

Rest In Peace, my lovely friend, Tony.

You are a light that will glow with brilliance on my memories windowsill this, and every, year to come.


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