Iris Van Herpen

Iris Van Herpen
Iris Van Herpen 2011

Catching up on my reading over the weekend, I noted, via Vanessa Friedman in the NYT, that Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen had won the 2014 Andam prize (a prestigious award to best young fashion designer).

I love to see the crazy, avant-garde and new on a fashion runway, so despite Vanessa Friedman’s words that:

… it will be interesting to see how she uses the money, and what happens at her next show. She has been slowly moving away from the more radical end of fashion into the more wearable (in relative terms, of course; we’re not talking the Gap here) …

I really do hope we continue to see more of the wild and wacky from Iris van Herpen … like the skeleton dress, photo above, my absolute fave look from her 2011 body of work with Materialise who say, in reviewing their collaboration:

A final piece for 2011 played a central role in an exhibition entitled The New Craft: Iris van Herpen and her Inspiration at the Central museum Utrecht as well as taking to the runway in Paris with the Capriole collection. Known as the Skeleton Dress, this piece was done in collaboration with architect Isaïe Bloch.

If you don’t know Iris van Herpen’s work, check out, below, this five minute Youtube video of her Haute Couture F/W 2011-12 collection.  I defy anyone with an appreciation of the visual arts not to laugh, smile and find something of beauty and interest in it.  Wonderfully creative.  Enjoy.


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