Giorgio Armani Prive S/S 2015

Haute Couture: Giorgio Armani Privé S/S 2015

Having expressed my liking for the wild and fabulous yesterday, today, I have to pay respect to the master of understated style: Giorgio Armani.

The Giorgio Armani Privé S/S 2015 Haute Couture collection illustrates everything that Armani has been about for decades.  Deceptive simplicity.  Beautiful fabrics.  Innovation allied with classical design.  Easy styling.  Wonderful use of colour from the boldest to subtlest of shades.  Gorgeous accessories.  This is a designer who understands how to make women look stunning.

I would actually like to snatch the earrings from the ears of these models and how hard have I found it to choose my favourite looks?  But, you know, I’ve tried and here are some of the outfits that I love the best, both above and below.

All the images here are courtesy of, and linked to, Fashionising Runway: Giorgio Armani Privé S/S 2015 Haute Couture. Click the link to see images of the entire collection.

giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw72 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw69 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw64 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw61

giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw52 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw39 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw34 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw29 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw27 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw25 giorgio-armani-prive-haute-couture-spring-2015-pfw19

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