Red Hong Yi Make(s)-Up Illustration

Red Hong Yi Illustration
Fiery red firecracker lipstick! Muah! By Red Hong Yi

Oh, these are fabulous illustrations.  Check out Red Hong Yi’s Make-Up Meets Chinese Art for more examples.

I read about the Red Hong Yi’s idea for the illustrations on Fashion Gone Rogue: Artist Makes Paintings By Using Make-Up Products – which must win some ‘clumsiest title for an internet article’ somewhere, no? They say:

We have seen some interesting things done with makeup lately. Printed makeup, anyone? Malaysian artist-architect “Red” Hong Yi is the latest to catch our attention by creating artwork with unusual materials. One of her series called “Make-Up Meets Chinese Art” takes typical makeup products such as mascara or foundation and transforms them into a hybrid of a painting and illustration. Why she chose to use the connection between makeup and art? She says on the project’s page, “Chinese art requires a lot of precision and skill – one stroke can make a huge difference I felt that this is similar to how a woman carefully puts on her make-up.”

Fun and Fab-u-lous.  Just the thing for a Friday afternoon, don’t you agree?

Red Hong Yi’s Make-Up Art Meets Chinese Art

Red Hong Yi Illustrations
Tiny village and a red hot sun, painted with nail polish. By Red Hong Yi



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