Illustrator Donald Drawbertson

Flamingos for Giles Deacon S/S15 Illustration by Donald Drawbertson
Flamingos for Giles Deacon S/S15 Illustration by Donald Drawbertson

I was flipping through AnOther Magazine’s listings and was stopped in my clicks by the image above.  How fab it is …

Drawn by Donald Robertson, aka Drawbertson, there is a lovely recommendation to his work, written by Kin Woo for AnOther Magazine: Donald Drawbertson Instagrammar Extraordinaire.  Do read the full piece but I loved this extract:

By day, Donald Robertson is the 52-year-old Canadian head of creative development at Bobbi Brown (and one of the three co-founders of MAC Cosmetics where he helped launch the Viva Glam! campaign for AIDS awareness) and devoted family man; by night, he moonlights on the visual social media site under the nom de plume of Drawbertson. In the short space of a year, he’s already drawn a rabid following of 41,000 followers to his rolling feed full of whimsical, elegantly dashed-off fashion illustrations made with “paint, a box of Sharpies, cardboard, gaffer tape and my iPhone.” Previously an introvert on Twitter, Drawbertson has become a prolific instagrammer, summing up its appeal succinctly: “Twitter is for talkers, iTunes is for listeners and Instagram is for picture people. Fashion folk are all three but mostly gawkers!”

There’s a slide show on AnOther but, of course, I dashed off to take a good look at Drawbertson on Instagram.

Think I’ll be there all afternoon.  Just too, too, much of a good thing … I know it’s unattractive to whine but want to be him and draw like that too …

Drawbertson Giraffe Jeans
Some Drawbertson Giraffe Jeans …

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